Cocoa Beach's First Kava Bar

Providing Quality Kava, Coffee, Botanical Drinks, Kombucha and CBD Infused Kombucha.  All drinks are consciously sourced from plants and earth itself.  Kava playfully referred to as the root of happiness, is used as a healthy, safe alternative to alcohol and has been used for centuries to reduce stress levels and relieve anxiety.

BULA COCOA BEACH is a cozy upscale lounge that has a South Pacific flare mixed with a surfer beach style.  With its comfortable couches and a tiki-inspired indoor bar, chilling out is not hard to do!.  Meet up with friends or make new ones, play board games, read a book or work on your laptop.  Wi-fi is provided.  Our line of “BULA” Kava Bars are known for its strong sense of Culture and Community, is family oriented, and you can meet new people and feel like you are part of something big.  Stop By and Come Vibe With Our Tribe! 





Kava is derived from an ancient plant in the South Pacific Islands.  It is FDA approved and comes from the root of the pepper plant (Piper Methsticum).  It's been used for its relaxing effect for both social and ceremonial occasions.  Kava calms the central nervous system, relaxes the muscles and promotes positive emotions through the limbic system.  Many people find that Kava soothes the temperament, promotes a sense of calm, and added patience for hours after imbibing the drink.  Kava drinking does not affect the judgment of fine motor skill in the way that alcohol does.

Stop in for a SHELL of EVERYDAY KAVA, if you’ve never tried it before it’s on the house!  Our Kavatenders are well versed in our products and are eager to share their knowledge!  This communal drink has brought many tribes together for centuries and continues to bring people together as our Bula tribe continues to grow.  Everyone drinks Kava together at BULA COCOA BEACH, and yells " BULA!"  BULA means, "to long life and good health."  Come and try something new today.  For more about Kava click here