Cocoa Beach’s First Kava Bar

Providing Quality Kava, Espresso drinks, Botanical Teas, Kombucha, CBD Cider, Cacao and more.  All drinks are consciously sourced from plants and earth itself.  Kava playfully referred to as the root of happiness, is used as a healthy, safe alternative to alcohol and has been used for centuries to reduce stress levels.

All are welcome.

Known for the area’s best kava, coffee and botanical teas, we pride ourselves firstly with the community we’ve grown.


What is Kava?

Kava, when ingested, has a relaxing effect on the body, eases tension, alleviates stress and anxiety while enhancing mental clarity, creativity, and sociability.  Very similar to a booze buzz, but without the alcohol and hangover.  Amazing Right?

You will also find a large selection of stimulating drinks from caffeine to matcha to botanical teas, there’s a potion for everyone, and the experience is as enchanting, as are the drinks served.


Fairly good chance we are open right now

  • Monday: 9AM – 12AM (yes, 15 hours open)
  • Tuesday: 9AM – 12AM
  • Wednesday: 9AM – 12AM
  • Thursday: 9AM – 2:00AM
  • Friday: 9AM – 2:00AM (17+ hours open)
  • Saturday: 9AM – 2:00AM
  • Sunday: 9AM – 12AM
Are you new the world of Kava and alcohol alternatives?

First Time?

First timers get a shell of kava on the house and so does the person that brought them in even if they’re a regular.