Choose Happiness

Bula Cocoa Beach Kava Bar and Coffeehouse is a cozy kava bar that caters to a diverse crowd and offers a positive community space for art, music, a sober nightlife, as well as Wi-Fi for those who need to get some work done. Bula specializes in plant-based medicine, offering kava, botanical teas, kombucha, and coffee.

Kava is a root from the South Pacific islands that has been used ceremonially for centuries Our kava comes from the islands of Vanuatu where it is believed kava originated. Kava is said to relieve stress and anxiety, provide relaxation, and increase sociability.

Bula Cocoa Beach is the third kava bar opened in Florida under Bula Nation, Inc. and comes with years of experience and respect for the kava tradition. The original owner is a native to the motherland of kava, Vanuatu. We only use the freshest and purest organic ingredients and ensure all of our kava and botanical teas are lab tested for purity.

We can’t wait to see you. Bula!

BULA COCOA BEACH is owned and operated by Ross Kashtan. Ross’s love for kava began like most customers in the first few visits to his first kava bar: BULA KAFE. His love for Kava and how it helped him in his personal journey grew so much that he purchased BULA KAFE in 2014. Operating as BULA NATION, Inc., the Bula tribe continues to grow and expand on the principals of his love for helping others with natural remedies to improve their lives. Ross has immersed himself in the Kava Business so far to have traveled to Vanuatu to learn about the Kava Culture, processing and importation process.  He has an undefinable passion for The Kava Bar business and continues to find new sources for products and improve quality while keeping the original family, community-centric atmosphere.  He now has expanded his search for more plant medicines and has traveled to Peru and Costa Rica to research, and bring back more sources that can help people heal in more natural ways.