BULA COCOA BEACH is a cozy lounge mixing boho and surfer beach style. With its comfortable couches, indoor & outdoor seating, proximity to the beach and great vibes chilling out is not hard to do!

Meet up with friends or make new ones, play board games, read a book, or work on your laptop.  Wi-fi is provided.  Our line of “BULA” Kava Bars are known for their strong sense of Culture and Community. We are family-oriented, and you can meet new people while feeling like you are part of something big.  

Stop By and Vibe With Our Tribe!


Since 2016

Bula Cocoa Beach is the third kava bar opened in Florida under Bula Nation, Inc. and comes with years of experience and respect for the kava tradition. We only use the freshest and purest organic ingredients and ensure all of our kava and botanical teas are lab tested for purity. 

All Are Welcome

Bula Cocoa Beach is a cozy kava bar and coffee house that caters to a diverse crowd and offers a positive, alcohol-free, community space for art, music, games, as well as Wi-Fi for those who need to get some work done. Bula specializes in preparing organic plant-based products for our customers, offering kava, botanical teas, kombucha, coffee and more! 

Meet the Bula Cocoa Beach

Dream Team

Come hang, play, chill or even work at Bula Cocoa Beach, just be sure to

Bula With Us

Hold your shell up high, wait for the que and belt out a big loud “BULA” before you slam that shell.