Jarret - General Manager
An alumnus of USF, Jarrett moved to LA in 2013 to work at CBS Studios assisting with the casting process for "The Price is Right". An avid surfer, film enthusiast, plant lover, and adoring father to his dog Lokah, Jarrett is thrilled to be back to his roots in Cocoa Beach.
MJ - Head Kavatender/Brew Master
Upon graduating high school last year, MJ or "shmemy" has become an integral part of Bula Cocoa Beach. MJ keeps busy by brewing most of the Botanical Teas and Kava for Bula Cocoa.
Lela - Kavatender
Lela is another member of our Bula Tribe and is a Florida native, professor at UCF, and mama bear who specializes in helping people and animals in need.

Carly - Kavatender
Carly is a love who's hair is almost as fiery as she is. She hopes to apply her love for kava and helping people through plant medicine in her career in nursing. Come in and meet our favorite redhead, we promise you'll leave with a smile.
Stefan - Kavatender
Stefan is local dread head on our team, who enjoys the beach, playing music and surfing. He has been a great new addition to the team because he is passionate about spreading the love of the benefits of kava and other plant uses.
Shane - Kavatender
Shane grew up in Cocoa Beach where he recently returned after a five-year excursion in California and Hawaii learning about yoga, herbs, and Kava. Come in a get to know our favorite dread head.

Shannon - Kavatender
Shannon is a respected regular who most recently became the newest Bula member. She is a big personality in a tiny package. She is going to college for integrative medicine to eventually open her own practice. "Shenanigans" is what we call her due to her adventurous lifestyle.
Justin - Kavatender
Justin is the first Kryptonian on planet earth since Superman. He enjoys putting bad guys in Jail and long flights in the atmosphere.
Emily - Kavatender
Emily is a sassy and sweet Florida Native and mama of two little boys. She strives to live an all natural lifestyle with her family and believes in the power plants have to heal.